Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Latte Effect

Photo courtesy of Jamey Cassell

The Latte effect as its called, is a problem we face in America if you are trying to live the frugal lifestyle. I know there are lots of writers who harp about this idea constantly. So let me throw my 2 cents in on this topic. I love coffee just as much as anyone else; I always say it’s my morning cup or 4 of personality. For me I like my coffee a little stronger than the normal person, I add 2 heaping scoops for 4 cups of coffee. But, if your like my frugal parents, they add 1 heaping scoop for an entire pot of coffee. It comes out looking like weak tea.

My problem is those who spend $5 a day on a latte or espresso, found at your favorite coffee house. Why is my question? When for $6 you can buy a 3lb can of your favorite name brand coffee at your local grocery store. It will last you up to a month and a half depending on how much you drink. Or to put it into numbers:

$5 latte per day x 5 times a week = $25 a week x 6 weeks = $150
$6 can of coffee, last 1 ½ months

This comes to a savings of $144 over a 6 week period. The expensive coffee really adds up if you put it to the numbers.

For me the budding semi frugal guy, I will stick with the cheap coffee and avoid the expensive lattes. I know there are a lot of people out there who can't give up their morning "fix" of latte, but for those who are trying, I hope this post helps open your eyes to how much you spend on your morning cup of joe!

Comments, criticism, useful knowledge?

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